Dragging control points

It seems to me that when I drag control points in Blender, they stay more or less in the plane of the monitor, whereas when I drag them in Rhino they tend to go out of control, go off in the third/ depth direction. Can anyone else confirm that, and if so, can the dragging algorithm be improved in Rhino ?

Hello - by default, dragging is parallel to the current CPlane, but you can use DragMode to use the view plane instead.



Thanks Pascal ! Had a quick look where to change it, but can’t find the setting…

Hello - it is not a setting really, DragMode is a command that sets dragging in any of various ways


You can learn something every day. Until I read Pascal’s post I did not know about DragMode. DragMode | Rhino 3-D modeling
And Nudge is the equivalent command to control how nudging works.
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Wow, after twenty years of using Rhino, I feel like an idiot for not having asked that question earlier !
While we are here, and forgive me for not being clear on this either, but is there a simple way of also dragging adjacent points with a weight/magnet setting ?

No; it is a long time wish but is only implemented for mesh objects as testSoftTransformMode.


Thanks Pascal, I just had a look at softmove and softeditsurf, but I was hoping to do this on subD’s …

Actually the softtransform setting is working !

A couple more things about dragging/nudging subD control points:
When I undo a move/drag on a nurbs surface, the points stay selected, which helps to move them again in a better way. When I do so on subD points, they get deselected. Also, when draging nurbs points, the adjacent points are higlighted or at least hinted at by the higlighted thread connecting them. That would be really handy on subD’s as well.

Lastly, I can’t find an easy toggle to switch between points edges and faces, but I guess I can create my own key combination.

Apologies if I am going over well trodden ground, but the last feedback has been Rhino-changing … Thanks, Ben

Hi Ben -

If these are vertices selected as subobjects, that is true, but control points or edit points should stay selected. (The same is true for surface, btw, if sub-object selecting a vertex) Control point polygons are also highlighted as on surfaces and curves.

The toolbar switches for edge and vertex selection are here:

You can shift-right click on these to grab the macros to assign to keyboard shortcuts or aliases.


Great, thanks Pascal, I will try that !