Control Polygon Drag Mode with Nudge Keys?

Is there a way to make nudge keys move control points along control polygon lines, in the same way as Control Polygon drag mode does? I’m having to zoom in a fair bit to select a particular control point and that means that I can’t see what effect it’s having on the related curvature graph. If I zoom out after selecting, dragging becomes too clumsy (and I keep snapping to surrounding geometry, so have to disable/enable osnaps all the time)

If not, can I make it a wish? :grin:

Or do something to MoveUVN to allow it to do this?

Hi Matt - MoveUVN does allow this - set the UV Move mode to ’ Along control polygon’ or ‘Along extensions’ - does that work for you?

Also: Alt down will suspend osnaps, in case you haven’t encountered that yet.
Also-Also, in V6 WIP, DragStrength will let you control the ‘gearing’ when you drag objects and points so that being zoomed out is not so terrible.


Yes, that does it - thanks Pascal. I’d forgotten about the radio buttons. I’m stuck in V5 as I need to use VSR for some parts of this, so V6 isn’t an option in this case.

I have F5 toggle osnaps so that base is covered…