Wish: pixelcolor sensitive analyze data please

Hi guys,
we usually work in a white environment and Rhino’s default material is white, so when ever we run dir etc. it is quite difficult to see the data:

So would it be possible to make them view context sensitive and swap from white to black if the object/view is bright in color?

For us it would be better if they always were black or red instead, but I could not find any color settings for it.

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Yes, great idea - this would also be great with linework too!

Black linework should turn white on a dark background and vice versa, since we are also constantly switching between display modes.

Perhaps there could be a colour choice separate from the typical palette for this?

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Hei Jørgen -

The color of the normal vector in the Dir command is gotten from the Tracking lines option in Rhino Options -> Appearance -> Colors. Which command are you using?

Ben, we have that feature request on the list as RH-65387 and Steve created a “BlackWhiteSwitcher” prototype plug-in that you can find information about here:


Ah that’s great, thanks! I didn’t realise that this had been addressed. Will this be incorporated into Rhino 8 proper, or will it remain as a plugin?

Great, didn’t think to test that, orange is gold!

Mainly we check direction of surfaces (meshes) as that is what we work with the most.

And this is OT:
but we use curvature Graph, but that doesn’t work to well on large scale curves together with smaller ones as the graph is radius sensitive:

Can we wish for a none-size based analysis too? That is just shape related? Im not really sure how that should work mathematically though… :slight_smile: