Display of black object color

This goes back to the Rhino 0.xxx days… In those days, perhaps because the display stuff wasn’t as good as today, in any case it was decided that black objects were too dark to be properly displayed on-screen, so anything with RGB (0,0,0) - true black - was displayed as white instead… and Rhino has been for like that for 15 years…

I think it’s time to change this… I have for example a script (posted elsewhere on this forum) that interpolates display colors on a series of objects, and if the progression goes to true black, the last object is white which is ridiculous. If I make it RGB (1,1,1), then it looks like it’s supposed to.

So this is my official request for a change at least the option to do so. Note also that white doesn’t look very white either, it could also be bumped up the scale.



Yep, got that, I’ll see what we can do. I imagine one problem might be the default layer color being black- shading objects as black by default is probably not a good idea, but maybe a more middle-ground default color would be acceptable




Does that mean you would like to change the default color in Rhino?
Have you made any decision?