Wish: Pimp the Sketch

Often do i use the sketch function of Rhino to amend architectural drawings i really love it, but it itself needs a bit love either.

Would it be possible to let the user adjust the level of refinement it adds towards ones drawings? usually the strokes work quite well, but often it changes the curvature very radically, erratic and difficult to predict why and when, but at those times i have to redraw the stroke. obviously there is some smoothing algorithm involved which is a little too aggressive. i can see the curve how i would like it but when i finish the stroke it refines it too much at some points or even changes the curvature completely.

also to add an option to keep sharp polylines would be interesting. any luck?


hey guys, any response? at least for version 8, its not urgent, but it would be definitely a good improvement thinking about how many architects use rhino to model and complement their drawings.

I’m with you.
what you expect from this tools?

hmm. other than what i have written to put it maybe into different words, i´d expect to draw freely and more natural without an algorithm trying to simplify my strokes too much. to amend stuff like hand drawn trees, humans, cars, spaceships, fish, grass you name it, whatever you wish, to complete a 2d drawing.

for conceptional long stroked sketches it very well works how it is at least pretty ok, but when you want to put a little more love into 2d details with curly strokes, some adjustment for a level of refinement would be needed. i can also imagine working with a pen on a tab to make such drawings.

what i am asking for under the line is an adjustment which lets one choose in 2-3 steps from no refinement to strong refinement for example.

@encephalon I agree with refining the Sketch tool. As an aside, have you looked at the HandleCurve and _Hbar (Handle Bar Editor) ? Not sure it is available on MAC

yes i used them quite a lot more than 10 years ago in adobe applications, but ever since i started working in rhino also using it more and more for any kind of 2d drawings, i have actually abandoned them almost completely. it took me a while to figure out that hbar is the handle curve editor, the naming seems a bit inconsistent.

back to sketches, in the left i tried to create 4 curls in one go, rhino decided one was too much. on the right side these were all meant to be curls, in the end non made it. it seems the outcome of a sketch is aimed at a very low CP curve ready for “production”, which in my understanding actually defies the nature of sketch.

below i tried 3 wavy curves of the same nature, the right one i can fail reproducibly having one bigger extreme it likes to simplify the narrower quadrants down to sometimes almost straight lines.
the left one i have no clue why it does that, it should look very similar to the one in the middle.


to some it up once more, under those conditions its pretty difficult to get a persistent exact sketch, even with less complex strokes.

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are you doing this curves with a mouse or a pen?

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just a mouse, high resolution to be fair (8000 dpi) logitech gpro with a neat sensor. but any mouse would do i assume. of course drawing this on an ipad would be more handy… to speak of the devil now that ipad os has been introduced, i am hoping guessing that a step towards having rhino on the ipad might be achieved here. i personally would not mind. i should maybe open a new topic for that.

tell me if I’m bothering you with my question but it’s a subject I care to.
did you did this curves because you think they can be useful for smtg or just to explain your wish?
of course on high change of radius every smoothing system tend to flat out or to round the shape.
for me it’s a good behavior, I do product design, and I like having them really round.
I’m courios to understand when you need the curve to be more “pointy”.

not bothersome at all. glad to discuss it a bit to draw some attention hopefully. maybe if a developer could have a brief look and mark it as a wish since a couple of interested gathered. @stevebaer any chance that could be taken into account?

the curves above are basically just to exhibit the problems. the issue arose when i was trying to draw some patches of grass in a section to complement the idea. trying to draw them quick and homogeneously those which where smoothed or even got their curvature altered peaked out of course. having me delete and redraw them. grass is not a very complex shape, so having these simple strokes changed is a bit of a bummer. but again it does not happen each time, some can be very filigrane in curvature and still dont change almost at all, its the unpredictable exceptions which are bothersome.

on the other side when i draw stones in a section with option closed, i actually like very much that it smoothes the curvature, its a very fast round movement and you get a complete and ok looking stone, good for drawing up a few bubbles in a short time.

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ok so here another example tested with Rhino 6 for mac. i put a lot of effort into creating an artistic curve on a surface, but unfortunately when i finish the command it smooths the curve too much changing it into something not useful anymore.

below a gif, pls pay attention to the moment when i close the curve and how the shape changes when i finish the curve.

@pascal is it possible to log it as a wish, bug?



well, at least the devil is watching, but i still would love some improvements here, could that be a rhino 8 feature?

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@pascal I would very much like to add my vote for these same features. it feels like a fairly easy addition, and would allow the creation of more complicated cut lines and shapes, in particular. Thank you!

Hi Justin - as far as I can see this command is view based - the bigger the viewport and the closer in the view, the more resolution in the result - that is, more points are placed and interpolated by the sketching action.

But I am curious - can you post an example of the curves you are drawing?