Sketch command complexity

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I often find the Sketch Command super useful when tracing pictures from raster to vector etc; often for cadblocks etc.
Is there the possibility of having more options for the Sketch command such as point resolution, smoothening (like in PS)?
Even further, does a plugin exist which can recognise high contrast edges and help the user ‘guide’ their sketch to trace more accurately?
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You can generally get a much better fit if you use an InterpCrv or a Control point curve to approximate the trace, then use Nudge tools to refine the fit of the curve.

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maybe check out that little plugin.

you can also use a grey high contrast version of your image and use the rhino own heightfield command (use the command smooth if needed), then simply intersect a cutplane with it. the outcome would be a nurb curve if you set to surface in the heightfield command.

i have also requested a bit more control over sketch below. would also love to see some improvement in that command.

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As the sketch command seems to be indispensable, just wondering if there is any likelihood of the command getting an update?
It’s used for landscape design where quick but intuitive and smooth control over curves is required.
InterpCrv and Control point curve are both good, but not quite as quick.

I’m not aware of any requests for changes to the Sketch command.
Since this is off-topic, please start a new thread about the Sketch command describing the problem you are having with it.