Draw curve with both sharp and smooth "corners"?

Hi I wonder if there is a way to draw curves (interpolate/controlpoint/throughpoint/etc) and be able to use both smooth and get sharp (kink) corners in some places? I thought I have seen a tutorial way back that did that but cant find it. In Illustrator you could draw bezier curves and hold Alt and you get a kink on an otherwise smooth curve. It would be easier then draw the whole curve and then go back and add a kink!
Is it at all possible in Rhino? Dont like Illustrator otherwise :wink: Any tip would be great!

Hello - - HandleCurve does this - the behavior is not identical to AI but similar.


Hi Pascal! And thanks! Now I realize ofcourse, why didn’t I think of that :sleeping: A little bit messier to draw with but that will work…