Wish: picture pane + Vector output in print


I am currently working on a site plan and would like to incorporate bitmap data from an orthophoto I generated from drone data. The goal is to print it as a pdf using vector lines together with the pixel information.
AFAIK currently the only way to archive this would be the use of the background bitmap command.
I did a small video which describes why I would like to use the picture command instead:



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yes, would be nice, and a highly requested though unfortunately never really targeted problem…

Is there any particular reason why vector output works with Background Bitmap,
but doesn’t work with the Picture command and / or textures in general?

This should be improved with V7. Trimmed pictures used to not be supported for vector output and in V7 they are supported in many cases. Pictures in perspective viewports are typically not supported fro vector output.

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Hi Steve, thanks for the feedback, are you saying that this feature (texture output +vector output) will be implemented into V7 soon? because in the video I am using V7…

Ah, I see you have internal trims in your picture. This is not support in Rhino 7, sorry. I only added support for trims on the outer boundary of the picture.

I added this request for internal trim support to our bug tracker at


Thanks for your explanation Steve, with this information I was able to work around the issue by splitting the background image surface and then do another trim with the house contour for each part, this although being a workaround, does the job…

However after exporting my pdf I saw the pdf file size skyrocketing (from 22 MB to 280 MB).
The reason is the texture now gets exported in full resolution (which is substantial…) instead of being rastered at a certain DPI number (like it was before when I did the raster layout output)… I tried to lower the output DPI settings, since they were still editable, without success … is there any way to define the output resolution for bitmaps when exporting a vector PDF?

Try the 7.5 release candidate which will be available tomorrow. I made some changes to try and reduce the size of these massive images. If you still get giant PDFs, let me know and we can try to work toward a fix.

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Thanks Steve, will do …