Output PDF with Vector + Bitmap?

I have a layout which has a title block and two viewpoints:

  • A clean side shot which works fine in vector.
  • A perspective view styled with PEN+Shadows

When I print it in:

  • ‘Vector’ mode, the perspective view gets swapped to WIREFRAME.
  • Bitmap mode, it looks good but is all a bitmap (thus the titleblock and everything else prints blurry at close examination.)

Is there a setting called ‘Include BITMAPPED viewports as BITMAPPED’ when using the vector print output?

Hi Nate,

This is working here for me using the PDF995 print driver to print to PDF. Can you try that driver and if it still doesn’t work, post a sample 3dm and the resulting PDF you get. Rhino_Logo.pdf(176.1 KB)

Hi Nates,
There is no include bitmap setting. It is either vector or bitmap, currently.
These settings are pretty pure - vector is sharp geometry and raster can include shading and rendering but is is essentially a screen capture.
I will add it to the wish list for consideration in a future Rhino.
Thanks for letting us know.
Mary Ann Fugier
McNeel Technical Support
Seattle, WA

Interesting. What seems to trigger the bug is using PDFCreator to initially make the layout.

The layout works fine when using PhantomPDF or PDF995 as printers when making the layout.

I can use any of the three to print the layout after it is initially created, and all they all print good.

Works fine = Toggling Vector/Bitmap modes dosen’t hide & show viewpoints while in the print preview window.

Thanks for looking into this. I will switch to using PhantomPDF or PDF995 to do PDF prints which include mixed Vector & Bitmap layouts.

You can safely substitute my use of the word bitmap to mean raster in the previous posts, fyi. :smiley:

BTW I get better PDFs more consistently from PDF995 than Adobe Acrobat!