Print Vector to pdf with Picture (in the Background)

I cant get this to work:

I want to print a vector drawing to a pdf incl a (google earth) background picture…

in the print preview dialog it the picture shows, but isnt finally printed.
what could it be?

This looks completely broken here as well.
One picture object and one polyline. Ctrl P with Destination set to the Rhino 6 PDF generator and Output Type set to vector. The preview shows both picture and polyline but the PDF doesn’t contain anything at all.

Try the same from a 4-view layout and both picture and polyline are shown in the perspective viewport; the polyline in a side view and the 2 other views are empty.

It works (of course?) if I print as “Raster”.

(6.2.18033.21381, 2018-02-02)

Has this been resolved already? Printing a vector PDF with a picture frame (google earth background) is broken in (6.1.18023.13161, 1/23/2018)

Specifically within blocks in layout.

To reproduce:

Create a file and layout. Drop a picture frame into layout. It prints. Use the block command to “block” the pictureframe, and it stops printing as vector (does not show in preview). Works in raster however. If the picture frame is not part of a block, it prints in layout as vector. Using a small .jpg file. Having this would be useful since title block logos are best as part of a block…

That seems to work here.
Please update to the latest SR or SR Candidate and report back if this still doesn’t work on your end.