Wish: persistent lasso selection

Whenever I use the lasso selection command, I need to use it a lot of times consecutively. Could it become a persistent selection mode that can be toggled on/ off?

If you create a button or alias *Lasso (the * means 'repeat) then you can repeat the lasso selection as many times as you want. You do need to hit Enter to confirm the selection of each lasso - that’s how the command knows you are done with a particular lasso selection - so it’s:

(select some stuff)
(select some stuff)
(select some stuff)
Enter Enter (to finish - Esc once also works)
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I just tried, but when I delete some stuff or do other operations in between, then I have to confirm the command again to use it. It does shave off one step, a native persistent implementation would be better though.

Not quite sure what you mean by that, here it seems to repeat correctly (with the * option) using the right mouse button directly after or right clicking in the command line and choosing the most recently used Lasso command.

What I mean is that I have to reinvoke lasso after every other command using spacebar:

That’s pretty normal for Rhino - ‘persistent’ object snaps (like _PersistentOnSurface) are only valid during the command when they are called - you always need to reinvoke them after having executed an operation.

I guess you’re looking for an ‘always-on’ Lasso like window/crossing selection is? That would need some kind of modifier key in addition to the left mouse button to distinguish it from the normal rectangle selection I guess…

Yes it is normal behaviour. That’s why I am requesting this feature, because the current methods are less than ideal for me.

I would prefer to activate lasso as my default selection method with a command and to have it replace window selection until I toggle it back to window selection.

That’s a pretty ‘core’ function I think, I have no idea how/when this might be possible, McNeel will need to respond here. Most likely not going to happen in the near future.