[WISH] Offset function for slabs


(Rheinason) #1

Often in projects the slabs will be iterated quite dramatically, from being flush with inside of walls in the first sketches to ending up on top of the structural core inside the wall. The offset would allow us to adjust this number without redrawing the boundary curve and using the add boundary command or adjusting the points.

The complications with this would of course be when cutting holes for stairs and how these would react to the offset, but perhaps only the outermost curve would be affected?


Agreed, this would be great to have. It would be helpful to set the alignment offset per slab or by slab type.

Ideally it would also be helpful to have a slab/slab joint option and wall/slab joint option for a similar reason as above. This would include the ability to specify the slab construction type/function and default wrapping of a slab just like the wall wrapping.
For instance, its a typical condition that the studs would be above and below a floor structure but the exterior cladding would be continuous over all of it. Also, typically a floor finish stops at the face or structure of a wall but the floor structure continues underneath.
Bonus points would be to have an option to offset within the default wrapping by type/function. For instance, if you had a curtain wall parapet you could set the adjacent slab offset to be from the face of the mullion (as a Structure or Core Type) even if there was an additional level of finish in the wall behind the mullion by wall type.



@rheinason @arcus all right, I take note of this suggestion for future versions. This offset of slabs could be actually applied by slab layer so it will enable a better control of slab intersection with walls. We should study if we also apply this offset to the subtracted boundaries on slabs or have some control about that.

(Rheinason) #4

Yeah perhaps one inside of the style dialogue and one within the object dialogue? They would serve different functions IMO. One for getting the details correct and the other for getting the slab placed in place in a relative sense.