Visualarq3 - wall bottom offset does not connect to slab

The connection between walls and floors works great but if I want to connect interior walls to the floor core by using wall bottom offset it doesn’t work, can this be fixed in the next versions?

Hi @11170 the intersections between wall layers and slab layers can be controlled with their Layer types: Core layers of each object will connect, while Normal layers will be trimmed by the Core layers. of the slab and the wall. The wall layer botttom/top offsets are not meant to be used for that.

For interior walls, if you want them to reach the slab core layer, tell them to be Core layers. In the other case, set them to Normal type layers.

Does that make sense for you?

The answer is not so clear to me.
I want to work with an interior wall that connects to the core of the floor but when I place a door in it, the door will be located at the level of the floor and not the core of the floor. When we work with walls in conventional construction and not plaster walls, this is how it is actually built. So why wouldn’t it be possible to work like that in the drawing as well.

Hi @11170, The door will be located at the elevation of the level. You can move it downwards if you want to place it on the core layer of the slab. Or you can move the slab upwards so its core layer is aligned with the level’s elevation.
Could you share a screenshot of the result you are trying to achieve? perhaps I’m not understanding what you want to do.

Hello! Since you brought wall/slab connections - is there a way now to generally control which part connects to which? A much needed feature when you want to keep design options (on different layers) on the same location, and need to prevent them to interfere.
An old wish. Like Archicad’s layer join index.

Hi @Eugen for this version we made it simple:

(a copy-paste text from the vaHelp: )

When a slab intersects with a wall, they solve their intersection according to these criteria:

  • Wall and slab layers with the same section attributes hide their intersecting edges, regardless if they are Normal or Core layer types.
  • Slab Core layers have priority on wall layers, regardless of their type.
  • Wall Core layers have priority on slab Normal layers.

I’m interested to know if with the current intersection options, you can achieve the desired results. Based on that we may add more features to provide more control of how slab and wall layers intersect with each other.

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Thanks, Francesc! Sounds interesting, will check it out soon…