Trimming/Boolean Solids

Hello all! I am semi new to rhino, and need some help here. I created these two surfaces, then extended and capped them into polysurfaces. They are intersecting and i want to trim or boolean somehow so that those pieces are not sticking out, it should just look like a gable. It would be great if that i could trim the pieces so that they will create angles that line up to the center line, as i will be laser cutting this later!


Hello - the devil’s in the details, so posting your objects in a Rhino file may be best but using one to trim the other and then vice-versa may get you what you need.

@idoberenz - To upload -


HausGablesisolate.3dm (11.0 MB)

Thank you, i uploaded the link to my file. I have tried to trim, but when i do this, it deletes the surfaces.

Hello - your roof parts are slightly skewed from one another if you look closely:



if that is intentional, then you’ll need to use Intersect to find a curve of intersection and trim the objects with that - it might be tricky to trim the right bits - but since you say that you want to trim off the parts that stick out, I’ll assume you really want this to be a clean intersection.

The really the best thing to do is to make a V-shaped closed polyline and ExtrudeCrv - done!
If you have two cleanly intersecting slabs, that you want to clean up then you can splt or trim with a bisecting plane - CutPlane is a good way to make one of these or use the InfinitePlane:

Trim using a CutPlane. This makes an actual plane in the file that you can select and use as a trimming object. You can then delete the plane:

Trim using a vertical ‘InfinitePlane’ Notice I type ‘ip’ when prompted by Trim for the cutting objects, then Vertical and then I set the plane using the ‘Int’ Osnap. Iinfinite Planes are temporary, only for the one command then they disappear.


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Wow this was so helpful thank you so much! This was exactly what i was trying to do :smile: