Wish: multiple selection for _untrim

I want to close all little holes and I miss to draw a rectangular selection at the side view and untrim all holes in one step. Could this be added for the future please?


Does _UntrimHoles help here at all?

Unfortunately the same problem, no multi selection. So, my wish would be for this command too.

Here a cube with a hole 5 times copied in line. I can’t select all holes.


OK, I see the window selection only works on one hole at a time… probably deliberately programmed that way, because you can undo each one - @rajaa can this be tuned up?

There is always the _All option if you want to get rid of all the holes in one shot…

I added a feature request in V7 here…

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@rajaa Could you please add a note that this wish is for _untrimholes and for the basic _untrim?