Having Difficulty Patching Holes


I have coloured the surfaces for reference. I would like to fill the circular openings and eventually join all the surfaces together. I have tried untrim, but it won’t work because the holes are not completely contained in a single surface. patch didn’t want to work either.

What are some other options I could try? I am REALLY new to Rhino.

I have been digging a bit further and tried ReplaceEdges which seems to be doing an ok job. Is there a better process I should be using? Also, is there a quicker way to select all the edges? Each semi-circle has about 25 edges to select.

I found a better way… UntrimBorder. This command yielded the following result:

Now I just need to find a way to trim the surfaces back to where they touch each other.

select the mint the red and the green surface and call trim, then click on the parts which overlap. untrim might also work instead of untrim boarder which might only delete the holes without untrimming the entire surface, but a file would be good in future that somebody can try directly.