Thank you for answering clearly. I think I understand much better now.

I think that you said if you had a good cyrillic single stroke font that would work with TextObject you would be able to get your work done? Correct?

\I’m sorry for the manner I replied you last time, Lowell… It was my inconsideration of the Discourse interface.\

Yes, an option to make TextObject from a good cyrillic single-stroke font would greatly help me, and not me only, in further. There are no actual text-engraving tasks for me just now, but it is very likely that they will come at any time.

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Hm. It seems to me that the “reply” function is failing now O_o.
Maybe it is a reason for creating a separate “meta” topic…

Via a Ponoko blog post, I discovered an online font store called One Line Fonts. There is a sample font for download. Included are four different font files. Following the included FAQ, I installed OLFTestFontOC-Regular.ttf for use with Rhino:

Check out this just posted item by David Rutten… --Mitch

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I have used George Race’s fonts for CamBam.

They appear to be single line fonts, but some letters are doubled over to emulate a TTF font.

Once inserted, explode the text, SelDup and delete, and re-join.


Regarding the font RhSS.ttf you provided:
Is it allowed to give it to customers?

Thank you

Yes, you can give it to anyone.

Hi all, I see that this is a very old thread; are any of you still searching for quality single line fonts for Rhino? I’ve developed some, and have two available on Single Line Fonts for Rhino. I’ll be adding more, including script versions. I’m experimenting with a stencil type and rounded version as well. The rounded version might look like the neon tube-type lettering (but nicer!) so that it is only one pass for applications such as waterjets and plasma cutters.

I’d love to answer any questions you might have about them. I also am open to any requests and suggestions. - Leslie Peppers @MavJerm @John_Brock @carvecream @dan @sochin @emilio @mvyess @lowell @fraguada @fernitoid @Willem @feklee @Robert_Janisse1 @charles


heh, those two at the link are interesting… single line, industrial_ish, but with a little bit of fashion(?) mixed in… nice work

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Looks cool! --Mitch

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Thanks Jeff! I thought it good to start with a couple print style typefaces. Yes, “Industrial” does have an extra bit of personality. It was a fun one to build.

Very interesting.
Do you have a “test version” of one of your fonts?
Something like every 3rd char missing or so?
I would like to see how your fonts behave in general.

I’m glad you mentioned that @Charles. Which font?

Doesn’t matter.

This sample is missing the following characters: capital letters O-Z, lowercase letters o-z. Let me know your thoughts; I’m always looking to improve. SLF-RHN Industrial Sample.zip (22.1 KB)

a tip for Mac users that want to try this sample font–

install it to Font Book the normal way (double click the .tff) but you’ll need to use the font in V6 WIP for it to work correctly.

(because the TextObject command in the WIP has the option ‘allow single stroke fonts’)


Yes, this is noted to work in v. 6 and 7; so on the Macs you would need that WIP version. That’s a good thing for me to expand on in my descriptions. Mitch had mentioned that to me as well.

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The font is really on stroke, and not forth and back the same path.

Yes, the Rhino versions are all open path and only have one stroke, or line.

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