One line alphabet and number line font


I am looking for a one line text/alphabet or number font for my cnc in rhino.

It is not in rhino I’am afraid

when text and or nr is oke I want to explode the text as line or/ and arc segments but they have to stay connected.

So the marking pen don’t have to go up & down each letter or number.

is there a way to create a new font?


If you are adventurous, yes.

Fonts do not reside in Rhino, they reside in your Fonts folder. Rhino can use any OpenType or TrueType font it finds in that folder.

In order to do what you want, you need to install a single line text font and use _TextObject and not _Text. There are a few single line text fonts out there for downloading, here is one link…


oke thanks, but I look for something like this

Well, if those are fonts, they have a certain line thickness, so they are most likely outline fonts, not single-stroke. So I’m not sure you can get what you want very easily.


It seems quite easy to do it in grasshopper,
draw some text in curve with whatever font,
draw a rectangle

Then use these components, region union then sort curves by length, I choose the last one (-1 index) so the longer curve.

It is now possible to suppress lower curves if needed … it depends on what automation you want, what parameters …