Wish: Line breaks for the "Text object" tool

I can’t find a way to set line breaks in the “Text object” tool (! _TextObject), in order to limit the number of characters in the text field. Is there some existing feature that I miss? If not, then I propose to add an option to set a limit for the allowed number of characters per line.

Currently, I’m forced to use this online tool, but it would be much better if I had those options in Rhino’s own “Text object” tool. Not to mention that many Rhino users are not aware of this website. Also, not everyone has an access to Internet connection while working (during traveling abroad, in a car, in a plane etc).

Hi -
I’m not clear on the intent here.
When create long text with the Text tool, the resulting text object will automatically break at about 50 characters per line. You can then select that object and move the control point to make that text block more narrow or wider so that it fits horizontally in some space.

If there were a number of characters limit in the text dialog, what would happen if you later modify the style of that annotation by changing the height property? Would it make that text object no longer fit in that horizontal space by keeping the number of characters, or would it change the number of characters to still fit in that space?
What happens when a paragraph in a long text is set to a different font that is wider or more narrow than other paragraphs in that text object? Will that part stick out more or less than the rest of the text object to one or both sides?

If the intent is to keep text in a horizontally defined area that is defined before creating the text, there is a feature request on the list that would solve that → RH-49909 Pre-defined text box

When I copy text from somewhere and want to place it as a Text (curves, surfaces or solids) in the 3d space in Rhino, it gets extremely long due to the lack of an option (at least I can’t find it in my Rhino 7) to set a limit for the length of the lines.

I can’t find an option to retain the paragraphs or to treat them like regular text right after the end of a sentence. A tickbox to switch this would be welcome (see the image in my post above showing the online tool that could do that).

Also, I think that it would be nice to be able to place text inside curve regions with complex shape, such like “Tetris” figures etc.

Hi Bobi -

When you asked about the Text tool, I was assuming that you were actually asking about the Text tool and answered accordingly…

Turns out you are asking about the TextObject tool.
It looks like we have a request for that on the list:
→ RH-1400 - Formatting in TextObject
(not visible to the public) - I’ve added your vote to this item.

I’ve added that as a feature request: RH-78456 TextObject: Place in closed curve

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Yes, I mean the ! _TextObject command that produces text as curve or surface geometry that could be then used for Boolean operations on product designs, or projected to create decals. I will edit the original post to make it more clear.
The curve region feature would allow to place the text inside a specific portion of a plane, and then use ! _FlowAlongSrf to transfer the text on a more complex 3d model.