Text object single line?

is there a possibility to write a Text object in Rhino 6 on a single line?
When I input few words to create as a Text object they are placed in a multi-line fashion
without the possibility to edit the text in any way.

Thank you in advance.


Hi Francesco - it looks like you can expand the text box laterally to extend the single line of text, but it may be more reliable for long lines if you use the ‘dash’ version of the command


With a dash in front the command runs without a dialog at all and in fact I believe it is only possible to add single lines of text that way. Just make sure to enter the text with double-quotes:

“Like this, so that spaces will not be seen as an Enter key”


Hello Pascal,
thank you for the reply.
I have seen the text box in the Rhino Help, but I didn’t find it in the software.
How do I activate it?
I will try also the command line input.


Hi Francesco - I just mean the box where you initially type the text for TextObject - that can be expanded laterally and the wrapping of the text will unwrap, if there is enough space.



Hello Pascal,
thank you for the hint.
It works then but something strange happen. You can read directly from the text in the box


But ok I can use it now.

Hi Francesco - thanks, I’ll see if I can reproduce this.