Dashed version of -TextObject

Hello Rhinociasts,
I wonder is there a way to enter a text with spaces and line breaks to the dashed version of the -_Textobject comand?

It’s obvious possible with the dialog:

but how to enter that text with the dashed version?
If I just have spaces it’s easy. I put the text in quotes but the line breaks are tricky.

Anyone with an idea?

thanks, Tobias

“Rhino \n is Great”

Hi Gijs,

Thanks. This does indeed work with Rhino 7.
It doesn’t work with Rhino 5 though…

greets Tobias

But Rhino’s text object dialog version doesn’t allow it either in Rhino 5. Maybe use some python logic?

Oh ya… yes you’re right.
I wanted to create a script which I can use in both versions but if it works in R7 it’s fine oo.

Thanks again Gijs!

gr, Tobias

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It’s actually quite easy to get it done with scripting even in R5. I can use “\n” as a delimiter split the string with it and run the command in a loop with an insertion point offset.

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