Join with chain

am I supposed to type the word “chain” each and every time I want to join curves with that option?
if so it seems very tedious if you have 1366 lines after a make 2d.

After Make2D all curves created will be selected (i.e. yellow). If you issue a Join command immediately after, all curves will be joined in as far as that is possible.

that doesn’t answer my question. Join after make2d is not very smart. For example join connects 2d lines that represent planes with lines that are intersections of other planes, but we all know that. Forget make2d with regards to this question. It pertains to the chain command within the join command.
how to proceed: type the word “chain” each and every time? why isn’t it part of the join command as it is in the fillet edge command?

There’s no need to use “Chain” with the Join command.

Edit: I see now, I forgot about the autochain.
I have “J” as an alias for Join. I’ll add one, “JJ”, for Join with chain option. You could do the same.

Hi Michael,

I think I see what you mean but could you post an example file or email one to to illustrate the issue? I think you might have many connected curve segments but different chains all in the same grouping of curves. You may want some joined but not others so you can’t join with all crvs selected. If so, you could make an alias in Options that will run the chain option after join… like this.
! _Join Chain
Map it to any key you like and you’ll only need to type that. You could also control the chain tangency condition in this macro by using the underscored letters available in the chain command line options.

I of course knew an alias could be used. I was wondering why the join command was neglected for so long in being updated to the 21st century. Sample attached. Imagine a much larger array of hexagons (5x) to illustrate the concept.

Hi Michael,

I don’t know why Join doesn’t have the Chain Edges option exposed in the command line but it has probably just taken a backseat to larger projects over time. Or perhaps it was never brought up but in any case I can file a feature request for consideration. There are actually many commands that could use Chain and work with the Chain command in the midst of running I think.

It seems the attachment feature on the forum is not part of the 21st century either at the moment and I’m not seeing your file. Can you send it to please?

Join works on objects other than curves and there is no good way yet to chain anything other than curves… that is at least one possible reason a Chain option is not, and maybe should not, be there.


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