WISH: Isolate and edit block unrotated at 0,0,0

Hi guys, I wish for an edit block mode that isolates the block and edits it in it’s own space.

Basically a command that opens an empty modelling space and inserts a block at 0,0,0 and edits that one. With no ability to unhide everything else in the file etc.

It could even be a separate viewport tab for block editing in the same way as Layouts work.

How does that sound?

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Sounds good to me. I’ve always thought that one of the misleading and confusing elements of Rhino’s block management is the ambiguity between definitions and instances. I guess a user can get used to it eventually, but it sure complicates the journey to familiarity and just doesn’t seem neat and clean.

Your proposal would certainly help a lot in keeping users aware of when they are working on a definition instead of an instance. I think there would be a great benefit to having a standard unified approach to working on a definition and a definite differentiation between definitions and instances.

I think your proposal also implies that when the definition editor is used it would also only be able to open definitions, which would bring an organizational benefit by listing definitions in an exclusive list.

Another useful feature would be the ability to list/highlite in view the instances of a selected definition.

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This is I think the behavior when adding your blocks as linked blocks. They will open in a new instance of Rhino at their original orientation. I suspect you want this behavior but then for non linked blocks?

Yes, I want a similar behaviour but within the active instance of Rhino :slight_smile: