Some Block Definitions panel feedback


  1. How about adding “Edit” to that RMB menu? Everything’s there, but this.


  1. Actually, why do we still need this ugly floating panel?


Those “Add/Remove Object” and “Set Base Point” buttons could as well reside somewhere in the Block def. panel, no? Maybe in a small toolbar on top or bottom, and/or in the RMB menu.

The hierarchical object/block list in the floating panel - isn’t that exactly what the new Block Def. panel is showing already, but better? To have a clone of that list view in some other place now doesn’t make much sense.

Only question is - to indicate an active block edit mode, will it be enough that the objects outside the block are greyed out? Maybe some viewport heads up display is needed:

Btw.: why does the content of the Block def. panel disappear when edit mode is on?


Hi Eugen -
Some feedback on your feedback…

Let’s say that you get that “Edit” option in that panel. Let’s also say that you have 150 instances of that block definition in your model, spread out over a large area.
What happens in the viewport when you use that “Edit” option?

For background, and, as you know, currently, you zoom into a specific space in the viewport to get to a specific block instance, double-click that and enter block edit mode…

You are entitled to your opinions, but, personally, I like the way information is presented in the floating, modal, block edit dialog a lot better than what I get in the block manager. But that’s mostly because those are two different things. The block manager gives you an overview of all block definitions in the document. What you see in the block edit dialog is the hierarchical structure of the specific block instance that you want to edit.

FWIW, we will get to revamping the block edit workflow at some point. This is on the list as RH-70972 In place editing of linked blocks

Aw, ok. Can’t argue.
I guess it wasn’t clear to me that the Block definitions panel just shows… block definitions, not instances of blocks.

Some time ago you were experimenting with that scene explorer, which listed all scene objects, according to a filter setting. In some future parallel reality, that thing exists…

The only difference is that the floating panel shows only the hierarchy, not the objects (the ‘leafs’). It would be a simple thing to let the new panel show just this. But actually, I think it’s useful when the hierarchy also shows the objects.
Also, when entering block edit mode, the new panel could auto-scroll to that block definition.
So, still it feels like a lot of screen space wasted by that doublet.

Do you see that, too? It’s hard to reproduce, but sometimes in block edit mode, the new panel becomes empty, and only after a click somewhere, it shows the list again.

Hi Eugen -

A few of us here have tried to reproduce that but those attempts have been unsuccessful. If you find more of a pattern, please let us know.