Wish: InsertControlPoint InsertEditlPoint for hatches

Would be useful. Thanks!

Are you looking for the HatchBase command?
Does that solve the problem you’re having?

Hi @John_Brock,

No, not HatchBase. I want to modify the border of a hatch by adding control points or edit points.
To be able to modify hatches faster.

Thank you!

Hatches can be History aware.
If you turn on History recording before you Hatch a closed curve, then you can edit the curve points and the Hatch fill will follow along.

Does that do it for you?

Hi Bogdan - we have that feature request on the pile as RH-49970 and added this thread to be notified when it has been added.

Thanks @wim,

@John_Brock, sometimes there are too many hatches and curves that get moved around or edited and at some point some of them will lose the history. It’s better to have the hatch independent from the initial closed curve.