Hatch and history issues

Good evening -

I’m just starting to work in WIP again and have some issues.

  1. I don’t have history turned on but Rhino continually alerts me that I have broken history by this or that command. How to turn that off?

  2. The hatches shown in the attached jpg were created in top view and obeyed the geometry chosen but they are in fact floating above the boundary curves. What’s happening here?

Thanks for your input

Are you seeing this with things other than dimensions? Dimensions now have history enabled by default. As far as I can tell (but my RH6 WIP constantly hangs), there is no way to turn this off.

Thanks for the update.

Yes, this is happening with other commands.
I’m installing a new version right now, maybe it won’t happen in the update.

Sounds strange, though.

As for the hatching, can you post that file? From the image it looks like some of the curves are open but that cannot be…

The curves looked open because I delete the ends of the shape after I hatch the geometry (this is to imply a continuing wall). But the geometry was closed when I hatched

Here’s another file. It’s not as noticeable but if you zoom into the edge very close you’ll see the effect.

Hatch_Issue.3dm (177.8 KB)

Hm - yeah, I see the floating - If I make my own, the discrepancy is smaller for some reason - I need to zoom right in at a very slight/shallow angle to the hatch plane to see it. Your file opens looking correct but I can easily get the lower detail to look weird…


I haven’t had time to trouble shoot it so I don’t know why the displacement is different from incident to incident. The first time I noticed it the displacement was half the width of the geometry, unlike this file.

One peculiar thing about it is that if you select the hatch, it snaps right back into place.

RH-38138 is fixed in the latest WIP