Wish: Insert kink in hatch

Can you please add curve tools like insert kink to hatch boundries?

This has been a wish of mine since we were able to turn on controlpoints for hatches and would make working with hatches so much smoother.

Currently I duplicate the hatch border, modify it, hatch and delete and then use a custom script to match hatch fill, scale, rotation, color, layer etc to the original, but I am sure many would benefit from being able to both delete and add edit points.


@Holo, i use that workflow you describe in V5 by creating the hatch with history enabled. The boundary curve can be point edited, points can be deleted and kinks can be inserted using _InsertKink. As long as the boundary curve is in a plane parallel to WorldXY plane, and stays closed during edits, the hatch updates without problems.


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Hi clement, workarounds are great but history has it’s limits when working with blocks and multiple instances on large drawings IMO, that’s when direct modding comes in.

I can evolve the script so it extracts the edge curves and adds kinks and then deletes and hatches and matches again, but that would only benefit me and not the other hatchers out there, thus the wish :slight_smile:

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+1 for adding points to the hatch boundary, history is often too complicated when eg. creating hatches between elements where you do not want to retain the actual curve.
it just adds a layer of complexity which is in the way when time is pressing

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Any news on that? It would be great to be able to insert points to the hatch boundary.

We draw architecture plans with Rhino and sometimes the floor plan changes. And you have to redo all the hatches instead of inserting points.