Wish: Increase precision for placement of components in GH

So something I have been noticing for ages, but actually put to the test today. The alignment and distribution functions of Grasshopper are great to align your components and make everything look a bit more neat.

But I kept noticing that after a while they would all be crooked and misaligned again.

Here is a test of a bunch of components that you would normally want to be - and STAY - properly aligned and spaced:

You can see that after moving things around for 50 times some components have completely shifted their position. Moving things around happens all the time, especially when you work on larger files and for a longer period of time.

It appears that especially some components seem to round their positions, while others don’t.

So basically: can we get a bit higher precision of where the components are, so they stay in the correct place? Rounding the positions to the nearest pixel will always result in misalignment after a while.

Thank you!