Auto Align Components


Since some time ago I’m dealing with gh files where all components are placed at the same position, which is a pain, because I have to move them manually and place them looking at the wires, here a simple example:

Original file:

Manually modified file:

Anyone know if exist any tool/utility/trick/code snippet or whatever to perform an auto place of the components?

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How and why did the components get placed on top of each other? Much easier to avoid that than clean up the mess, especially given that component layout is largely a matter of personal taste and style.

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Hi @Joseph_Oster

I don’t know how or why they did it like that, did you hear about any utility to auto align the components?

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No, and I don’t believe I would like one for reasons stated above (“personal taste and style”). If it’s only one small file that someone corrupted, just deal with it.