Wish: improved viewport performance and faster saving

I use Rhino in a large firm on large projects, many concepts and competitions. At the masterplan level, with detailed facades, Rhino is so sluggish that we barely use it. Same model performs much better in Autocad, and also much better in poly apps like Blender and 3ds Max. We do tricks like converting as many objects to mesh as we can and combining objects to keep the scene simple, but Rhino still struggles quite a bit. We use it on fast modern typical workstations with i9’s, 64GB Ram, and RTX cards, but it still struggles in shaded and wireframe modes.

It would be great to see some significant viewport improvements in v8.

Additionally, Rhino seems to take much longer to save files than other programs. Usually it can take 2-3x longer to save a file that’s half the size of a file for example that we are saving in Blender, both locally to SSD. So for a 500mb+ file, there is usually a minute’s wait to save which causes significant disruption of the creative process. Don’t know what’s causing it, but it would be great to have faster save times.