[Wish] improved multiple deleting in block editor

Dear Mc Neel,

I’m a newbie in this forum, but i use rhino almost since 10 years.

In rhino for mac,in the block editoer, it would be super great to delete blocks with a multiple selection.
I work with Large architect dwg imports, and it’s a pain in the A*** to delete blocks one by one.
Sometime, i have more than 2000 blocks to delete… Please improved that to avoid me a Carpal tunnel syndrome :wink:

Many thanks

Hi Studio - I’m not sure what you need to do - is it select and delete some, or all, instances of a block that are nested in another block?


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Hi Pascal,
Yes, i need to select and delete some instance of block (nested or not).
But i never find a way to multiple selection in the block editor.
I can only select one by one.

I’m on rhino 5.2.4 (5c262), on a Imac 27 5k, 3,2GHz core i5, 32Go RAM, AMD Radeo R9 M390 (2048Mo), OS X El Capitan 10,11,6

Have you got a solution?


Hi Studio -no good solution in Rhino for Mac as far as I can see - there are a few more tools in Rhino for Windows that would be at least a partial solution, like SelBlockIntanceNamed, which works inside of BlockEdit and selection of top level blocks from BlockManager. I’ll get those on the pile for Rhino for Mac - in the meantime, I’ll see if a script can be run inside of BlockEdit, in which case there may be hope in the shorter term…


Merci Pascal

Dear Pascal,

I try with a PC version of rhino.
It work perfectly, I just have to hold the Shift+selection, and delete what i need.
Thx, You just save me Some precious hours of work.

But it would be nice to have the same block editor on the mac version (also with the preview tab).

Best regards,

Hi Studio - if you are selecting by hand, then selection should work on the Mac as well - - if you have 10 blocks to select in a nested block, highlight the parent block in the BlockEdit control, and then you have access to window or Shift-select all the ‘components’ of that block.

SelBlockInstanceNames.py (624 Bytes)

In the meantime, in case it is of some use - I’m not sure - this little script will allow selection of block instances by name using _RunPythonScript or _-RunPythonScript ("Full path to the Script file"
This works inside BlockEdit.


You can now select multiple block instances in the Block Manager in the latest RhinoWIP (5E63w). Please give it a try.

Not sure if I´m doing sth. wrong, but I can select only one Block from within the BlockManager.

When selecting all [cmd]-[A], I get the objects in the general Rhino window.
When dragging from under the 2nd Block item row, I always get one item - the one when “un-clicking” the mouse button.


I guess that last post was a little confusing, I imagine. No, there’s still no way to select multiple block definitions from the list, but you can now option-click (or use the gear menu) to Select instances of block definition

I hope that makes it more clear what is meant. I understand this is not the original request, where @studio_gardere wants to delete 2000 block definitions.

Got it. Thanks.

Original request makes sense, also.

Any chance an update for Rhino Mac has been added so we can “BatchDelete” or “CMD+A” or “Shift+select” blocks to delete them? Its now three years passed

Unfortunately, this bug has not budged:

RH-38048 Multiple block select in BlockManager

I bumped the priority a little just now and we’ll let you know when there is something to test.