Wish: improve viewport aspect ratio / safe frame

It would be great if Rhino’s way to handle viewports size/aspect ration would be reworked.
Now VPs can only be set to an absolute pixel size, which has disadvantages.

  • The proportions breaks the moment the viewport is maximized, and are not correctly recovered when minimizing again.
  • The black holes in the screen real estate are not so beautiful.
  • If I want to render a viewport, it should preview the right proportions. The absolute size will be set in the render settings anyway.

I recommend simply doing it like many other 3d apps. 3ds Max for example.
The safe frame fits into the VP according to the aspect ratio. The Width and Height parameters remain, but only define the proportions of the Safe Frame. What’s outside of the Safe Frame is cropped or has a grey tranparent overlay.

I’m using Enscape3D. It’s hard to get it to render the exact detail as shown in a VP. I found a way to do this in a reproducible manner, but it’s ridiculously cumbersome. They seem to have problems reading the proportions and focal length via the SDK, I don’t know.
If you are willing to tackle this, please think about the above, too.
Thanks a lot!

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Hi Eugen - this is not the same thing, I realize, but it may help in the short term - if you save a named view, you can restore it to a new floating viewport and the original aspect ratio will be maintained.


Hello Pascal!
Sorry for the late answer.
Thanks, Named Views. I use them all the time. I just learned that they also restore the absolute viewport size in pixels. This is not good, because it messes up the viewport layout.
On another computer, I set up lots of Named Views recently. Today, on another computer I want to restore them, and this is what I end up with:


Yes, a Named View should save the camera plus aspect ratio, but the way this works now is a mess. Got a camera matching job at hand, and it was set up nicely before, and now it’s broken again.
Also, setting the viewport pixel size, then maximizing and minimizing back has a high probability of breaking the pixel size.

EDIT: I just found out that there’s a checkbox ‘Restore aspect ratio’ in the Named Views panel. That helps, but actually I would like to restore the aspect ratio, but without messing up the viewport.

This whole topic needs a rework. I suggest to leave the viewport borders, and simply show the desired aspect ratio IN the viewport, like I mentioned in the inital post.

One last thing that’s associated with this: you might know Enscape3D. Brilliant renderer, but try to get a 1:1 pixel perfect match from the viewport to the rendered picture, repeatedly. An absolute nightmare.

Thanks a lot for listening!

Hi Eugen - did you try restoring to a floating viewport?


No. At least not intentionally.
How would I tell the difference between a floating and a fixed viewport if they sit in front of the black background?

H Eugen - only that it will not mess with your current viewport layout.