Wish: 'Hidden' mode with intersection lines

As the title says… Would this be possible?
Thank you!

Hi Eugen,
Which intersection lines do you mean? those of wall or beam joints in section?

Any objects, actually:

The objects to the left are just boxes. On the right it’s VA slabs and columns.

The ‘Hidden’ mode is very useful for abstract renderings like this:

To get those intersection lines, a workaround (explode the parts, use ‘Intersect’ command) is necessary.

Thank you!

Hi Eugen,
I don’t think the Hidden display mode should show the intersection lines of objects if they really do not intersect.
In the case of the solids, you can to do a boolean union operation to get them. Or run the Intersect command, which will generate the intersection curves.
In the case of VisualARQ objects, you can also run this Intersect or create two columns instead, so the upper one sits on the upper slab.

But they do intersect, that’s the case I’m talking about.
There are many cases where intersection lines are desirable, without creating them by hand. I believe the ‘technical’ style supports this.

Hi Eugen,
Well, you are right, they intersect. But they also share volume, and if VisualARQ drew the intersection lines, you would not be aware of these imperfections (2 solid objects are not supposed to share volumes, otherwise the volume calculation would be wrong).
We could draw these intersection lines automatically (or as an option), but this would make the generation of section and plan views (and also the vector output), slower.

Ideally, VisualARQ objects should intersect each other automatically (according to some hierarchy rules), and therefore these intersection lines would appear, but until this does not happen, I’ve some concerns about whether we should show the intersection lines or not.

There would be 3 cases, right?
1 - VA objects intersect VA objects,
2 - VA objects intersect surfaces (breps)
3 - surfaces intersect surfaces

It would be desirable to have the Hidden mode generate intersection lines in all three cases (optionally, if performance becomes a topic). If in case 1 the intersection lines come from some VA boolean automatism already, to keep the volume calculation correct, so be it.
Non-VA objects do not participate in area/volume calculation, do they?

It would be very nice to have this as an option !

All right, we will consider this feature for future versions. If we add the option to show these intersection lines, I’d be for the 3 cases you described, no matter what kind of objects they are or with which they intersect.