Wish: GHPython Output Panel Text Font Size/Type

Hi @piac and @stevebaer,

I was just running some GHPython training and ran into an issue where the attendees had a hard time reading print statements in the output panel (i.e. because the font was too tiny to read on the projector screen). As you can see here I increased the font size of the editor itself (using CTRL + mouse wheel), but the print statements remain tiny:

I realise I’ve harped on about Sublime Text over the years, but perhaps simple linking the print statement font type/size to whatever the editor uses would be a simple solution (at least when “Output panel prints as text” is enabled). Here’s me CTRL + mouse wheeling in Sublime Text demonstrating this:



hey @AndersDeleuran! I’ve had the same issue before. You should be able to increase the output panel but unlike sublime you have ctrl+scroll again separately on top of the output:

Is that not working for you?

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Ahhh, no it totally is:

Thanks so much :beers:

That said, it’d still be great to also set the font type of the output panel. And be able to explicitly set its size. Similar to how one can for the editor font (under Tools > Font Options):

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