Make ghPython Editor run an external updatable .py file?

Hi everyone,

I am getting into Python coding and I would really like to be able to code in Sublime Text, hit ctrl+s and have the ghPython run my code, without the need to import the file every time…

Also how can I enable auto completion feature in SublimeText for rhinoscripysyntax and ghpythonlib.components?

Thanks in advance,

Any ideas guys? I wasn’t able to solve this yet.

You can enable the code input parameter:


And then pass it a path/file/read setup, yielding a live update upon saving the .py file in Sublime:

Not sure for those modules, but for RhinoCommon use Gui Talarico’s IronPython Stubs.


Ah thanks Anders, just what I needed.
May I ask, how do you work with Python when it comes to Grasshopper? Do you use the Python Component Editor? Or maybe just as you explained me?