Wish: GH definitions bound to single Rhino objects or blocks

last week @martinsiegrist helped me a lot with my first baby steps in elefront. I am really exited about the possibilities this seems to offer although I still do not think I see the hole picture.

However, when I thought about what would be an approach for not so sophisticated GH users like myself I thought about this:

Wouldn´t it be AWSOME if we would be able to assign individual Rhino objects or Blocks their own GH definitions ?
Ideally those definitions would be stored within the Rhino file itself…

Could that be done? IMHO that would be a real gamechanger.

Hi Andreas -

We have that concept on the list as RH-34030 - GrasshopperBlocks (not visible to the public).
I’ve added your vote.

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I am very excited to hear about this… Is it just me or wouldn’t that be a super mighty feature … just imagine what we could do with that! You could make everything parametric with as much dependencies as you would like! That would blow every other SW completely out of the water, it would lift Rhino to another level IMHO

So is there any chance that at least a basic version of this will surface anytime in the foreseeable future?

Hi Andreas -

Just to manage expectations - the feature request has been on the list for over 6 years. The developer is still very much tied up into Rhino.Inside.Revit and will probably be for a long time to come. But, yes, it’d be nice…

well, that is really sad… if it is on the list since 6 (!) years, it could as well not be on the list… I suppose there would be no difference…

On a scale from 1-10 (10 being the hardest) how hard would that be to implement in your opinion?

“How hard” is probably the wrong question. For “how much work”, it’d get close to a 10, I suppose.

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I was expecting something close to ten :wink:
I guess a case of too good to be true :face_holding_back_tears:

There are a lot of things that users ask to McNeel … rhino is boundless so anything can be asked.

Luckily rhino is also pretty “open” and accessible!

What you ask could be done by using a user string + value to point the path of where the .gh is stored, with a macro/rhinoscript/pythonscript you launch grasshopper player of that file/location and can even pre-feed a list of values that are again stored into user strings on the same object/block.

Probably a little bit raw, but surely doable.

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Thank you for the feedback, I was hoping for a more integrated solution. Apart from the fact that my personal abilities to code are very limited (to put it politely…)

  1. I do not like the idea of having a project separated into a number of fragmented files, so the idea to have the data necessary for the GH definitions inside the 3dm file would appear pretty neat in order to keep things compact and organized. This should of course be an option e.g. like the existing option to save used textures to the file.

  2. If the user would be able to define individual GH definitions to a rhino object that would be parametrics on steroids IMHO!

I think I will have to revisit elefront and try to understand a little bit more…

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