Block Properties wish

Hi guys,
working with blocks here, and I really wish for a block properties dialogbox.
It would make it easy to scale, place, rotate any block, and also reset them.

And this is how I envision it:


Not a block-user myself (they scare me), but something that comes up again and again on the forum is getting information about the location of the ‘parent’ (layer and position). Perhaps this, too, should be accessible from this one?

Well, a bit OT, but many animation and game/vr softwares uses group objects that acts like parents, they are great and very intuitive to use and a thing I have missed in Rhino on many occasions. The group object can also be understood as a stand alone pivotpoint that acts like a parent. Fantastic for rigging, grouping etc.

Hi Jorgen- thanks, added to the heap

This is parallel to a more general feature/wish - to be able to control objects’ ‘3d’ properties numerically from Properties where possible- Circle centers and radii, etc. It seems this would be part of a fairly broad change.


Nah, don’t wait for the others, just implement my wish first :wink:

Only if you can promise that @Willem won’t have me kneecapped for making Rhino even more scattered…


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Easiest just to blame it on Jørgen. Then Willem doesn’t have to travel all that far, either…

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A little more scatter in my favor sounds just fine to me :wink:
When Willem comes I’ll bring out the brew and we’ll settle it in the old norse tradition that includes singing to the moon and sleeping under the table. It does wonders for disputes!

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Just give me 15 minutes heads-up and I’ll be there :grin: