Potential feature for Rhino 7

I’m just a noob to GH and Rhino, but I think I have a very useful feature suggestion.

It would be great if there was a feature maybe called “lock” or something, which would allow you to lock and unlock Rhino. This because more than once I have been working in GH, doing some fumbling around troubleshooting, and turns out I unintentionally did a bunch of undo’s in the Rhino command line such as undoing reference sketch modifications or some other thing. So right now I’m trying to figure out how I broke my very complex GH model that was working great an hour ago, and wondering if I accedently changed something on the Rhino side. Made me think that it really would be beneficial to have a way to lock/unlock the Rhino side when only intending to manipulate the GH side. As it it’s kind of a tripping hazard. And I don’t mean to criticize, I am loving this software, a couple weeks left in my eval and just about surely buying a license, but think this would be a very beneficial new feature. Of course maybe it already is and I’ll feel stupid ha!

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Did you try the Lock and UnLock commands? Or locking and unlocking layers?

Thank you for your reply Mr. McNeel! Love your software BTW, you and Mr. Rutten and team have created a masterpiece!

I’m not saying it’s a great idea, just a thought I had, as many times I was like, “oh no I didn’t mean to manipulate the Rhino file!”, from GH. Regarding your suggestions, those are good tools for what they do, but they both can also be undone with undo, so I’d still mess it up with my aforementioned erroneous actions! :slight_smile: Thankfully it hasn’t bitten me hard, as I tend to create backup copies and try to do most or all of my work through GH, but thought it might be worth mentioning.

Please keep up the great work!


select anything you want to protect in the rhino modeling window and type “lock” in the command line.

type “unlock” in the command line to unprotect it.

I do appreciate the suggestion, and I’m not gung ho about this feature, was just a thought.

But…my initial thought came from Undo’s meant for grasshopper executing in Rhino instead, and so accidental undo can easily make your answer not a solution, because it can be victimized by undo.

Also you would have to do this to every element, extremely more cumbersome that if there was a way to allow GH to maniupulate Rhino but have user manipulation of the Rhino side locked out by a toggle in GH.