Wish: FullScreen Presentation Mode

Hi All,
I wish if there is a presentation mode available in the new Rhino 6.0 which could be very handy when showing the models to anyone through the rhino window in my computer. I want the ‘model display area’ to go full screen with only the spin/pan etc navigation buttons active; as well as the layer manager optionally visible. This way you can make sure the model will not get distorted accidentally by clicking on it & dragging during the show. Also it should be possible to navigate through various display modes/view ports whilst in the presentation mode.
Basically it hides all menus, command lines etc in the standard rhino window and goes back to the original window once exiting the presentation mode. Ideally it should allow you to go in to presentation mode by the click of a button.
If there is currently any such options available in R5.0, please let me know.
Many thanks for your time.

Did you try the FullScreen command?

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