New features in Snapshots in Rhino WIP 2017-May-16

New in Snapshot since my last post:

  • Object lock and visibility state combined.
  • Construction Plane added.
  • Mesh modifiers added (Curve Piping, Displacement, Edge Softening, Shut Lining, Thickness).
  • Slideshow mode.
  • Reordering of snapshots.
  • Import.

The slideshow can be started through a button on the panel. The following keyboard keys are active during a slideshow:
Space - pause
Esc - stop
Left and Right arrow key to switch to next/previous snapshot.

Fullscreen - Switches Rhino into fullscreen mode. Same as running the Fullscreen command.
Maximize active view - Maximizes the active viewport. Same as running the MaxViewport command.
Repeat - Runs through the slides (snapshots) in an endless loop. When disabled stops at the last slide and ends the slideshow mode.
Show each snapshot for - When disabled use the left and right arrow key to flip through the snapshots. When enabled it automatically changes to the next slide and shows it for the specified time before it jumps to the next.


Hi Lars,

a few observations/thought after trying the latest WIP:

  • since in SlideShow mode the UI is not active, would be good to have some sort of indication of that, at least in CommandLine - currently it displays options that are not clickable. My suggestion would be a bold prompt saying “Snapshot Slideshow Mode” or similar, with possibly the info of the key shortcuts you have listed printed above or in-line
  • we would like to have the ability to pick ANY snapshot while in SlideShow mode, not only prev/next - how about UpArrow key displaying a popup menu at cursor with the list of all SnapShots, maybe indicating the current one with a checkmark or color highlight?
  • while unchecked Show Each Snapshot for… it still auto-plays the sequence after the first arrow press
  • fullscreen over here fails to hide all toolbars - but I think this is out of SnapShots control - probably was reported as a bug before…




Hi Jarek,

thanks for your feedback. We fixed some of the items you listed in the latest WIP. The fullscreen option uses the values set in the Rhino Fullscreen command at the moment. If you want to hide the toolbars you have to run the command previous and make the changes there. Not perfect. Will look into it.


  • Lars

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Hi Lars,

I noticed that during the animation curves are static and only change position at the very end of the animation. Not a big deal, but I don’t know if anyone mentioned it before.


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