Numeric keyboard comma VS point

We are using Rhino mac with OS X 10.10 Yosemite.
Our mac are equipped with extended Italian keyboard (with numeric keyboard).
The problem is in the numeric keyboard, we have comma (,) and we have many problem cause when we tape number with decimal rhino it doesn’t work. Is there the possibility to invert comma and point?

The comma is reserved for x, y, z delimination, so, no. One gets used to it but I suppose an argument can be made that in more cases does one insert a single number rather than all 3 coordinates and as such, an option to set the delimiters to , and ; sounds valid to me. But it probably opens a can of worms.

ok, the problem is related with italian keyboard.
in the italian numeric keyboard we have comma (,) instead of point (.).
so it’s unuseful using numeric keyboard.
if i set usa keyboard in system preference it works, but other button in the keyboard are different.
the solution should be a tab in rhino preference for invert comma and point only in rhino.
i hope i was useful for improve rhino!

Yes, I understand, and it’s the same with the Norwegian keyboard I’m using. But the thing is that even if you are on a US system, when you want to enter coordinates, you will have to move away from the numeric keyboard anyway. There is only one symbol on the numeric keyboard and you need two - a decimal and a separator.

That being said, I do not disagree with your wish and it has come up many times in the past. Since one probably inputs a single number (with decimals) a bit more frequently than 2 or 3 coordinates in a row, an option to set the decimal IMO is a valid wish. Whaddyathink, @pascal, one for the heap?

For what it’s worth, maybe some info in this link about remapping an OS X keyboard. I have same issue with French, but I use English keyboard for Rhino. I haven’t had time yet to see if I can remap the numeric ‘period-dermal’ key so maybe it is decimal regular key and then comma-seperater by using +shift-key, for example
Curious now, but off to work - Randy

Hi Luigi, Wim - would this apply throughout Rhino or only during numeric input at the command line, or? I can see how it might get confusing with the possible exceptions that would need to be made - for example in entering Text that you want to have actual commas… Am I making it harder than it is?


I don’t think I’ve begun thinking through all implications and I’m sure it opens a can of worms - not the least when dealing with scripts and plug-ins.

But I do not see it as a mapping of the comma to a period like you indicate with the text example.
Hitting the comma key would produce a comma; hitting a period key would produce a period. It’s just that a user could decide what symbol would be a separator.
I’ve taken the options box from Excel:

and changed it to what it could look like in Rhino:

it’s exactly what wim wrote.
when you work with cad and cam you type many many numbers with decimal, and in some numeric keyboard near the “0” you have comma “,”.
it’ll be a good solution having the possibility to remap “,” and “.” inside rhino!


I agree, best solution. Have override within Rhino.

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Yep, got that now- thanks.


are there any updates for this? i mean is something going to happen? i can see that 2 years passed and its not working yet… this is really an important issue, i also have been accepting this complication for a long time but would appreciate if it could be taken into consideration. its driving me nuts to criss cross the keyboard not having it work as it should, making my numpad a numb-pad.

Hi Richard - no, I’m afraid it is not going to change the foreseeable future.


This brilliant idea is 4 years old.
I want to ask if it is possible to change [ , ] to [ . ]
or is nothing wrong with this idea?

Hi - it is not possible to change this, no.
There’s nothing wrong with the idea and as I couldn’t find it in the list, I’ve created item RH-53541.

Note: this is not going to change in the foreseeable future.

I use a short AutoHotKey script where tapping [,] on my keypad twice will result in a dot [.]. Here’s the script if you are interested:

#IfWinActive, ahk_exe Rhino.exe
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I am not sure a Rhino.exe file will work on a Mac :slight_smile:

AUtoHotKey is a Windows program but maybe there is something on MacOS with AppleScript maybe?