Wish Floating Viewport to keep proportions, and/or match render proportions

As title says,
I wish for the option to have a floating viewport that has fixed proportions. say 16:9 or 4:3 for rendering.

It will make working with Neon better.



Added to wish list: http://mcneel.myjetbrains.com/youtrack/issue/RH-27863

How would you envision the interface for controlling this be exposed?

Well, in fact I envision transparent icons for the floating view. (transparent that become opaque at mouse-over)
Or a small combo textfeedback and small icon area at top or bottom. Depends.

But what I imagine is the easiest to implement would be to have it in Viewport Properties and turn that Viewport Properties into a Panel, like Object Properties.


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Could be an option (in the properties panel) for any Windows.

Better could be to have a specific tools (eg . _viewportratio) to resize the current window with the aspect ratio or with any kind of size.

Viewport Properties is a panel since V5. If no objects are selected and the Properties panel is displayed, the information in the Panel is for the viewport.

True, but they are equally limited.

I wish for a proper panel, where width and height can be sat, not only shown, and where view can be altered quickly.
If I want to set the size then I have to turn to the hidden command -ViewPortProperties and most users don’t know about that. I also want to toggle the safeframe on and off there.

And put on a manipulation lock, so that camera stays put no matter what.

And add a “moocow” option to it too, so it can be sat as slave or as master.

You can set the width and height in the Properties panel.

Meh… feel like a fool now, I was sure I tried that the other day, today I only double checked in the Viewport Properties Dialog Box, and there it is not possible, so I presumed… Ok, then remove that from the list of things to do.


I was just glad it wasn’t me who was deluded this time. :smile:

BTW, in Bongo, each camera animation is linked to a viewport. I use floating viewports with fixed size.
When working on the model, I use the standard viewports (up, left…).
I’d like to be able to close and reopen these floating viewports I use for rendering the animation (without loosing viewport linked Bongo animation of course). How to do ?

@Margaret you are right, I always use this to set up my viewport. The problem comes if you would like to render a 3k pixels images with a specific aspect ratio and your monitor it’s just an full HD.
Probably the solution could be to change this values to set up not the pixels size but the ratio of the viewport… . With a ratio lock button to keep the proportion. @holo do you agree?

In this way setting 3000x1500pixels the viewport get the 2:1 ratio, then you can drag it and have the dimension you like.

I know you situation from Bongo too. Workaround: your floating viewports are hidden behind the standard viewports, if you use them. You can jump back to the hidden floating viewport per Ctrl+Tab.