Wish: Find & Replace function for component nick names

This would be a very useful function for Grasshopper users applying namespace practice to their definitions.


I put it under RH-43761.


Have a look at the telepathy plugin. Of course it could be better to have a native solution but it works

Yes indeed Telepathy is exactly where I got used to having Find/Replace available for nick names.

Unfortunately I had to stop using Telepathy as it didn’t handle the large definition I’m working on very well and I didn’t have time to troubleshoot it with the developer and with David Rutten.

yes, I sometimes have problems when referencing by name with a new receiver but if I extract it from the sender it work ok… Also find and replace is causing problems sometimes.

a couple of wishes :grimacing: :
1: When renaming a variable ask if you should rename all similar or just that one… or a key modifier would be faster. Regular enter just renames that one, ctrl enter renames all the other ones that have the same name…
2: Custom pop up descriptions of the variables. Could be a separate panel with the descriptions of all custom names that auto populates and allows to input descriptions that pop up on mouse over the variable.

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3: Right click and select command or click with a modifier centers the canvas on the sender/s
4: Color coding for senders and receivers. Assigning colour to one changes the connected variables. This is assuming it will work in a similar way as telepathy with dedicated components.
5: Highlighting the sender or the receivers with a key combination or on mouse over… maybe wait a second and then highlight all the senders and receivers with the same name.

I think I am a bit off topic, sorry