Telepathy bug with wildcard receivers

Telepathy is a vital tool for me, but I have found this bug that means I no longer use the wildcard matching feature.

Whenever I do anything with a telepathy sender/receiver which would cause it to search through the script to make connections to other telepathy params (e.g. add a sender/receiver to script, change a sender/receivers nickname), it will expire any receivers that have a wildcard pattern for their nickname (contain ‘*’ and/or ‘?’), causing everything downstream to recompute. This becomes a massive pain if you have a script that has heavy functions downstream from a wildcard receiver, it makes telepathy almost unusable

I know its been a long time since the last release of telepathy, but if anyone involved in its development could look at this it would be massively helpful @marcsyp @andheum.

I’ve attached a script that illustrates the issue. (8.3 KB)

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Thanks for this very thorough accounting of the issue, and the example file. I wish all bug reports were so thorough!
Try this version and let me know if it resolves the issue – if it works I’ll have to ask @marcsyp to update food4rhino.
Telepathy.gha (69 KB)


It appears to be working, at least on the test script.

Thank you very much!