Feature Request: Custom Input/Output labels on all components including Addition, Merge, Entwive, Stream, etc

I rely on labeling the inputs and outputs on all of the components in my definition for clarity. I find this indispensable for fast debugging and adding new functionality to large and complex definitions.

I’m finding that almost all the components I use will accept custom labels but the ones where the number of inputs or outputs is configurable, Addition for example, will not remember their custom labels between sessions and revert to meaningless A, B, C etc.

It seems like the custom label functionality is so close to being complete, I just wish it could be added to these last few components.

I’ve been using the new relays in Grasshopper1 as a clumsy workaround just to label what’s going into these label-less components, but now my definition is crashing Rhino and I have to retreat to Rhino5 where relays are not available in Grasshopper0.9.

Anyhow I’m hoping the custom label functionality will be completed for all Grasshopper components soon. Having custom labels available in most components but not all reduces the usefulness of the custom label practice.

That’s just a straight up bug. And a serious one at that. I’ve scheduled it for 6.0, but considering we’re only supposed to put critical fixes in at this point I may bump it down to 6.1 if I’m not entirely sure my fix doesn’t break anything else.


I only found this particular bug with the Addition, Subtraction and Multiplication components. A lot of variable parameter components do not allow you to assign nicknames at all, but did I miss any of the other ones?

Added the fix for the abovementioned components \{+,-,\times\} to 6.0. Probably just too late to be included in the latest beta release today.

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Fantastic! Thanks very much for that fix David.

The Merge, Entwine & Stream components don’t allow direct nickname editing, but the new Alt-key copyname function does somewhat work on the Merge and Stream inputs. But again the nicknames copied don’t save between sessions.

Being able to nickname the Merge inputs would be extremely useful to me, as I use Merge a lot to clarify when multiple data items are going into one input.

Yeah that’s expected, the component sets all input/output properties whenever it changes topologically or reads from file/clipboard. Since the nicknames were specifically set to be non-editable, they should never have been modified (this is a bug in the Alt+wire tool).

I’ll need to think about nickname locking in general for GH2, I may abandon that approach entirely. I don’t think this will change for GH1 though. I think you’ll just have to use relays to make those inputs/outputs self-documenting.

I found another component with nickname problem in GH1: Right Trigonometry used to have editable nicknames in GH0.9, but doesn’t in GH1.

I’m also finding that the alpha and beta inputs for Right Trigonometry are reversed when importing a GH0.9 definition into GH1 and vice versa. That is to say, I have to switch wires between alpha and beta inputs in GH1 in order to get the same output numbers. I’ll post a separate thread for this bug.

RH-43218 is fixed in the latest BETA

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Fantastic! Thanks very much.

Since GH1 is still going to be around for the foreseeable future it would be so nice to complete the custom nicknames functionality for all components.

I’m only aware of 9 components remaining which have inputs or outputs which can not be controlled by the user.

Just hoping for a longstanding feature to be completed.

Hi Leo -

I’m afraid it’s not possible to get this into Grasshopper 1 without breaking the SDK.
It has been implemented in GH2.

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