Copy-Name-Mode: Features and Bugs

Copy-Name-Mode Features and Bugs

Now that it has an official name, a few thoughts about Copy-Name-Mode. [Drag Wire + tap Alt]

First of all, thank you to the developer(s) (@DavidRutten) who added this.

So far, I’ve found it exceptionally useful.


  1. It makes copying named inputs and outputs really easy. Since I use long/complex names for documentation, it’s become a standard tool.
  • Especially useful when paired with the Elefront Data Description component, which automatically propagates names, but still requires initial naming.
  • Also useful in combination with Telepathy by @marcsyp, which depends on names for linking, rather than wires.
  1. Local Naming using default node names: Using with the List Item component, it makes it easy to keep track of which item is which:


  1. Relays: It sort of works for relays, but acts a bit weird - the name only becomes visible after making another relay (copy or make another on the same wire). Also, copy-name-mode only works TO a relay, not FROM a relay to a node.

  2. Transfer Wires: One case where it doesn’t work, but it would be GREAT if it did: When transferring wires (Ctrl+Shift), tapping Alt activates the Find Component (Ctrl+Alt) blue dot. This feature would be really useful for discovering/copying a name associated with a wire coming from off screen.

  3. Merge: It seems like it would be really useful for naming data streams in a merge or entwine component, but whenever an additional stream is added, the old names are erased:

  • This renaming of nodes does not happen with other components with ZUI input modifiers (Math Components (+/*-), Concatenate, Evaluate, etc.)
  • Since the Merge/Entwine behavior seems to be the exception rather than the rule, it sounds like a bug.
  1. Overrides: On the other hand, maybe it shouldn’t be possible to rename the Entwine nodes, since they are critical to understanding its function. This and a few other components (Format, Filter, Gate) have their name fields grayed out, but Copy-Name-Mode will override. It doesn’t affect function of the components as far as I can tell. Not really a problem.

In summary, Copy-Name-Mode is great. And could be even better.

Anyone found good uses for this? pls post.