Entering and displaying feet and decimal inches?

units display
Having chosen large object feet template (a default template from rhino)
In units I see three options
feet and inches

first gives 1.00
second gives 1- 1/4
third gives 1’ 1-1/4"

What do I need to select to display as 3ft 2.125 inch or 3’ 2.125" ?

else I will have to use fractional and see 3’ 2-1/8"

A feet and decimal inch surely should be an option ?

How do I enter such values in the command line when creating a dimension of that length 3ft 2 1/8 inches ?
To also know how to enter 3ft 2 1/8inch would also be useful as sometimes my site visits have imperial on them instead of decimal.

Also I open a plan from a vector prog that was drawn in units of inches at a scale of 1/100, so 1" on plan is 100" in reality.
So as to open it at full size, I choose 1 unit = 100 Rhino units
I measure a distance on it shown as 9ft 9inch and get rhino displaying as 117’ -0"

yet I have selected these settings in Rhino

117 inches would be correct, though I wanted it shown as 9ft 9inch or 9’ 9" but not 117’



3’2-1/8" or 3ft2-1/8in

In your image Rhino is set to work in Feet which is determined by the setting in Units. So one unit in the imported geometry is one foot = 12 inches in Rhino… The other setting is for how dimensions are displayed.