Wish: Extra functionality for Shade mode

Wish 1: It would be very handy if there was an option during Shade mode where the user could tap the Tab key to make only the selected object(s) shaded, while the remaining (non-selected) objects will appear invisible. Tapping again on the Tab key will make the other objects visible again.

Wish 2: Additionally, Shift+Tab could cycle through the display modes. Ctrl+Shift+Tab will do that in the reverse way. Currently, Ctrl+Tab and Ctrl+Shift+Tab double as cycling through the viewports. This means that Ctrl+Shift+Tab could be assigned to cycling through the display modes instead.

Hello - for now, in a shaded mode, the ShadeSelected command will toggle that behavior - you can put that on an F-Key (not Tab though)


Hi Pascal, I assigned the following command to F12 “_ShadeSelected” (without the commas), but in Shade mode pressing F12 will do nothing. Could you tell me what’s the proper command that I write there?

Also, is there a command for cycling through the display modes during Shade? I use a Logitech G502 mouse that has extra buttons, and I programmed some of them to change to various custom display modes, so that works to a limited extend. But imagine if there are 20 display modes - it will be impossible to assign mouse buttons or keyboard keys for every of them. Currently, the “SetDisplayMode” command requires several mouse clicks after it’s invoked. A simple press on a button or key would do this operation much simpler and quicker.



Hi Bobi - hmmm - this looks broken to me - it looks like ShadeSelected needs to select in order to kick in - toggle on, select an object and after that it works…



Just to clarify. I meant the “Shade” command, not shaded viewport.

By the way, “ShadeSelected” in Wireframe mode produces some random issues with blinking geometry when the selected object gets away from the camera.

Also, when activating “ShadeSelected” (no matter which display mode) and then running the “Shade” command, there is virtually no visible geometry, even if the “Selected=Yes” option is chosen.

Wish 3: When the “Edge analysis” is on and the “Shade” command is activated, the surface edges are visible, even though the “DrawWires=No” is set properly. This should hide any edges, even the ones marked with the “Edge analysis” command. The “Shade” is very useful for a quick examination of the 3d geometry, but it’s basically useless when the edges are visible with active “Edge analysis”.