Shade select surface in commands

I prefer shade selecting surfaces. If you have no isocurves, and you’re in shaded mode, it just seems to makes sense. But it’s a user preference, sure.

But it doesn’t seem there is a way to do that. I’m extracting a surface, so I can copy that surface, offset it a Tiny amount, and trim it with some graphics (so I can turn the graphics on/off easily without splitting up my surfaces). But it’s difficult to know which surface I selected without really zooming in and inspecting it.

I’d love a way to choose to shade select objects during commands as well.

Hi Andy - in the display mode settings you can ask for ‘shade highlight’ for surfaces and meshes.


But it doesn’t work within commands.

So my main object, yes, it’s shade selected. But when you do something like extract surfaces, or offset surfaces, etc they select as yellow wireframe.

—on a related note, why is it creating new meshes when I switch from shaded to render mode? Aren’t the mesh settings the same? I suppose the same goes for changing to technical mode as well, but I thought that might be different. They all appear to be using the same mesh.

Ah, OK, thanks, yes, that does not seem very helpful does it? - I’ll see if we can make that work - not sure at all at this point.


Ha, no problem. It’s always been this way. Some people may prefer it. I just like shade selected because it’s easier to see a part from your current viewpoint. When parts wrap around, the backside of a wireframe can get confusing. My personal preference is to only see the entire wireframe in wireframe mode. Maybe I’d be interested in seeing some edges during filletEdge. But no real reason to look at isocurves at least. It’s probably a per tool preference. But it’s always easy to just switch to wireframe temporarily.