WISH: ExtendSrf

I not so far as I know have been thought to enhance this command.

  • Extend multiple edges at once, not just one at a time.
  • Allow the user to choose, by option, if the result assemble or maintain the extended separate parts (this can be important because we understand visually how the area has been extended).
  • Give the opportunity, where permitted, to extend an area up to a limit, which is a point, a curve, or otherwise.
  • If possible, introduce a dynamic preview of the results, a little as with the extrusion command (type handle), more functional.


Hi Davide - in V6 you can dynamically extend edges - still only one at a time, but the


repeater macro works very nicely.

I am not sure how to extend to a limit - what did you have in mind, as input, keeping in mind that some parts of a surface may extend more, in 3d, than others?

I think the option to split off the extension is on the wish pile, if not, I’ll add it.



Hello Pascal.
A mode of extension of this type would be much more convenient (from Alias surface).
As for the boundary edge, it could be up to a surface (where possible) … if I can find a video I’ll show you.

Thank you.

Hi Pascal

I think something like this would be useful.
Kind of Extend + Trim in one shot


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Exactly! an applause:-)
(Where and when possible, it would be helpful such a possibility, many modelers contemplate such possibilities).